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var. chinensis (Pilg.) Florin

T. cuspidata var. chinensis (Pilg.) C.K. Schneid.
T. chinensis (Pilg.) Rehder var. chinensis

Distribution CHINA: Chongqing, Hubei, Shaanxi, Sichuan; VIETNAM. Habitat Forest and bamboo groves, between 1100 and 2700 m asl. USDA Hardiness Zone 7 (?). Conservation status Lower Risk (IUCN); but included on CITES Appendix 2.

Var. chinensis can be categorised as having densely placed leaves (mean 12.1 per 2 cm), with a mean length to width ratio of 6.4 (i.e. longish, wide leaves) and a high number of stomatal bands (mean 12.0). It is principally found in the mountains surrounding the Sichuan Basin in west-central China, but trees with chinensis characters also occur in northern Vietnam (Möller et al. 2007).

Plants named T. chinensis are recommended by Yucca Do Nursery, Hempstead, Texas (Yucca Do online catalogue 2008), as rapidly growing, heat-tolerant yews.


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