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var. inaequale C.B. Clarke

R. inaequale Hutch.

Leaves 15-21mm broad. Royal Horticultural Society (1997)


  • India – Meghalaya, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh

AM 1947 (Lord Aberconway, Bodnant) as R. inaequale; flowers white, with a yellow band on posterior lobe, sweetly scented. FCC 1981 (Mrs E. Mackenzie, Fressingfield, Norfolk) as R. inaequale to a clone 'Elizabeth Bennet', from Cox & Hutchison 301; truss 3-5-flowered, corolla white with a blotch of yellow-green in the upper throat.

The broad-leaved var. inaequale is more widespread in the wild than var. formosum. Royal Horticultural Society (1997)


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