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subsp. longipes (Cosson & Durand) Maire

Common Names
Algerian Pear

P. cossonii Rehder

Subsp. longipes has subglobose fruits, slightly larger than in subsp. gharbiana, on slender pedicels, with four to five locules. Maire 1980. Distribution ALGERIA. Habitat Calcareous mountains. USDA Hardiness Zone 8–9. Conservation status Not evaluated. Illustration Maire 1980. Cross-references B449, K75 (both as P. cossonii).

This taxon is relatively well known in cultivation as Pyrus cossonii, and occasionally as P. longipes. TROBI has recorded numerous specimens in gardens throughout the United Kingdom, the champion being a 20 m tree measured at Collingwood Grange, Benenden, Kent in 1995.