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P 'Pink Shell'

Petals shell-pink at first, fading to a lighter shade, spreading-erect, the corolla hence cup-shaped, about {3/4} in. wide at the mouth. The flowers are borne in mid-April, three to five in a corymbose inflorescence, on slender hairy pedicels; calyx-tube narrow-campanulate, glabrous. A charming cherry, probably a seedling of P. × yedoensis, named by Messrs Hillier. A.M. 1969.Other seedlings of P. xyedoensis are ‘Yoshino Pink Form’, raised by Messrs Waterer, Sons and Crisp, which also has flowers of a charming shade of pink, but borne later than in ‘Pink Shell’; and ‘Akebono’, raised in the USA by W. B. Clarke of California. The latter has apparently never been introduced to Britain, though the raiser thought highly of it.


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