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P × rehderiana Hand.-Mazz.

P. fruticosa var. purdomii Rehd. (not P. purdomii N. E. Brown)

The plant described by Rehder as P. fruticosa var. purdomii was raised from seeds collected by Purdom in Shensi in 1911 under his number 848. It was considered by Handel-Mazzetti to be a hybrid between P. parvifolia and P. davurica (glabra) var. mandshurica. In raising the taxonomic status of this plant, he had to alter the epithet, since the name P. purdomii had been published by N. E. Brown in 1914 for an herbaceous species. This putative hybrid is not in cultivation in Britain, so far as is known, or at least not in commerce. For P. fruticosa ‘Purdomii’ of gardens, see ‘William Purdom’ in the section on garden varieties.


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