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var. pyrenaica Schlecht.

P. prostrata Lapeyr.
P. fruticosa var. prostrata (Lapeyr.) Gautier

Plants from high altitudes in the Pyrenees are sometimes of more or less prostrate habit and have been called var. pyrenaica or var. prostrata, but similar plants occur throughout the range of the species. The Pyrenean plants belong to the subsp. floribunda (see above). For the plants cultivated as P. fruticosa ‘Pyrenaica’, see ‘Farreri Prostrata’ in the section on garden varieties. These plants were also known in gardens as “var. prostrataā€¯ and acquired the erroneous cultivar name ‘Pyrenaica’ through confusion between var. prostrata Hort. and var. prostrata (Lapeyr.) Gautier (see synonyms above).


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