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f. micrandra (Koehne) Schneid.

P. micrandra Koehne

Described by Koehne in 1896, apparently from a plant cultivated at St Petersburg as Potentilla ‘new species’, though the specimens he distributed came from plants in Sp├Ąth’s nursery, Berlin. It was said to differ from P. fruticosa in its dwarf habit and small anthers and was considered by Koehne to be matched by a specimen in the Royal Herbarium, Berlin, collected in Japan by Tschonoski. It was probably, as Schneider thought, nothing but a female plant of P. fruticosa. Plants cultivated on the continent as P. fruticosa ‘Micrandra’ have not been seen, but judging from the descriptions they are not the same as Koehne’s plant. In this the flowers were of normal size, whereas in ‘Micrandra’ they are said to be very small.


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