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var. subalbicans (Hand.-Mazz.)

P. glabra var. subalbicans (Hand.-Mazz.) Hand-Mazz.
P. fruticosa var. subalbicans Hand.-Mazz

A robust variety of P. davurica with short-stalked flowers borne numerously in dense cymes; bractlets of outer calyx mostly oblong-lanceolate and longer than in typical P. davurica. In the type (Licent 4100 from Kansu), the leaves are silky above and coated beneath with a very dense silky tomentum. There are plants in cultivation which agree with this variety in flower and inflorescence, but not in their foliage, which is only sparsely hairy. One is grown as P. fruticosa var. hersii (an unpublished name) and the other actually as P. fruticosa var. subalbicans. Both have broad, dark green leaflets, with the close venation of typical P. davurica, and are free-flowering. The former was presumably raised from seeds collected by the Belgian engineer Joseph Hers.


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