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var. mandshurica (Maxim.) Wolf

P. fruticosa var. mandshurica Wolf
P. glabra var. mandshurica (Maxim.) Hand.-Mazz.
Dasiphora mandshurica (Maxim.) Juz

A dwarf shrub with leaves resembling those of the type in texture and venation but with somewhat wider leaflets, which are coated on both sides with appressed silky hairs. It was described from Olga Bay, near Vladivostok, in 1873, but had been found by the Kew collector Charles Wilford in 1859 farther up the coast. In the Wilford specimen the leaflets of the lower pair are {1/2} in. long, {1/4} in. wide. This variety is not confined to the coast. It was collected by Komarov on the upper Yalu river in N.E. China, and according to Handel-Mazzetti plants matching the Wilford specimen occur in Korea, and in China as far south as the Muli region of S.W. Szechwan. In Plantae Wilsonianae, it is said to be not uncommon in the dry valleys of N.W. Szechwan, but the specimen cited – W.3172 – is very different from typical var. mandshurica, judging from the duplicate in the British Museum. See also ‘Manchu’, in the section on garden varieties.The status of Makino’s P. fruticosa var. leucantha is uncertain. It occurs in Japan in Shikoku, where it is the only shrubby cinquefoil, and also on the main island. Rehder places it under var. mandshurica, to which it is near geographically.


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