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f. ternata (Cardot)

P. fruticosa var. davurica f. ternata Cardot
P. glabra f. ternata (Cardot) Hand.-Mazz.
P. fruticosa var. tangutica Wolf, teste Hand.-Mazz

Leaves trifoliolate. Calyx sometimes flushed with red. Described from a specimen collected by the French missionary Soulié on the Mekong-Salween divide. Handel-Mazzetti gives P. fruticosa var. tangutica Wolf as a synonym – a variety described from specimens collected in Kansu and N.E. Tibet, with trifoliolate leaves and large flowers with a red-tinged calyx. Wolf supposed the flowers to be yellow, and it may be that he was right, since similar plants with yellow flowers have been collected in S.E. Tibet and could represent either a yellow-flowered form of P. davurica or a glabrous form of P. arbuscula. However, Handel-Mazzetti saw Wolf’s type-specimens and concluded that at least one definitely had white flowers.