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P violascens Dode

This poplar was described by the French dendrologist Dode in 1921 from a cultivated tree of Chinese origin, but he tells us nothing of its history. Plants cultivated in this country as P. violascens were received originally from France and bear a very strong resemblance to the pubescent form of P. szechuanica described above. Furthermore, the Polish authority W. Bugala has pointed out that plants in the Kornik collection, which came originally from Kew as P szechuanica szechuanica, are indistinguishable from P. violascens as represented at Kornik. There is therefore a strong probability that Dode described his species from a plant sent from the Arnold Arboretum as P. szechuanica Wilson 4361. His description agrees quite well with the pubescent form of P. szechuanica.P. violascens is placed by Rehder in the section Leucoides, as a close relative of P. lasiocarpa, and Bugala holds that P. szechuanica also belongs to that section and has been wrongly considered to be a balsam poplar. But the Westonbirt and Stourhead trees described above appear to be balsam poplars, and it seems on the whole more likely that it is P. violascens which has been wrongly placed. But flowering material should decide the matter.


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