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subsp. escarena (Risso) K. Richt.

P. pinaster subsp. hamiltonii (Ten.) Villar
P. pinaster var. mesogeensis (Fieschi & Gaussen) Silba

This subspecies has longer leaves than the type (18–25 cm long vs. 10–20 cm), and larger cones (14–22 cm long vs. 9–18 cm). Farjon 2005a. Distribution FRANCE: Corsica, Mediterranean coast; ITALY: mainland west coast, Sardinia, Sicily; MALTA; SPAIN: Balearic Is., Mediterranean coast. Habitat Low-lying coastal plains in sandy soils, between 0 and 400 m asl (to 900 m asl in Corsica). USDA Hardiness Zone 8. Conservation status Not evaluated.


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