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[Pinus cembra] P pumila (Pall.) Reg.

Common Names
Dwarf Siberian Pine

P. cembra var. pumila Pall.

Botanically this species is near to P. cembra, although of different aspect. It is a dwarf, mostly prostrate shrub rarely over 10 ft high in the wild, the shoots downy, the leaves usually 1{1/2} to 2{3/4} in. long, hence shorter than in P. cembra, and are usually less toothed or entire (finely toothed almost throughout in P. cembra). Male flowers deep red. Cones and seeds smaller than in P. cembra, the former about 1{1/2} in. long. It is a native of the colder parts of N.E. Asia, including Japan, often forming extensive thickets above the tree-line or in other exposed places. It was in cultivation early last century, but appears to have been lost sight of until the beginning of this century, when Admiral Clinton Baker collected plants in Japan and sent them to the Bayfordbury collection.In cultivation P. pumila varies in size and habit, but is usually under 4 ft in height. It associates well with the heaths.Selections are: ‘Dwarf Blue’, with glaucous leaves and of spreading habit; and


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