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P 'Forest Flame'

Leaves oblanceolate or oblong-oblanceolate, acute at the apex, narrowly tapered to the base, up to 5 in. long by 1 in. wide, margins with close, shallow serrations. This clone arose at the Sunningdale Nurseries as a self-sown seedling at the foot of a plant of P. japonica. It is near to this species in the shape and toothing of its leaves, but their colouring when young and their size, as well as the vigour of the plant, suggests that P. formosa var. forrestii, or possibly P. formosa F.8945, was the other parent. It comes into growth somewhat earlier than ‘Wakehurst’. The foliage is not quite so vivid when young, but is more elegant, and the habit of young plants is more compact and symmetrical. Award of Merit May 1, 1973. Similar to this, and also a hybrid, is ‘Firecrest’, put into commerce by Messrs Waterer, Sons and Crisp. It was originally distributed as ‘Pieris species F.8945’, and presumably a plant under that number was the seed-parent. The other parent was probably P. japonica. ‘Firecrest’ received an Award of Merit on May 1, 1973.


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