Paulownia catalpifolia × fortunei

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Owen Johnson (2022)

Recommended citation
Johnson, O. (2022), 'Paulownia catalpifolia × fortunei' from the website Trees and Shrubs Online ( Accessed 2024-04-24.

Hybrids selected for forestry applications; intermediate in features between the parents but with long straight stems when grown under appropriate conditions, and very large leaves. (WeGrow GmbH 2022).

USDA Hardiness Zone 7

RHS Hardiness Rating H5

Paulownia catalpifolia has been artificially crossed with P. fortunei by WeGrow GmbH in Germany, with the aim of combining the timber value of the former species and the extra vigour of the latter. In 2020 the clones ‘H2F3’ and ‘H2F4’ were commercially available, and were claimed to be capable of growing six metres of clean stem in their first year, with hardly any side-branches that would need to be removed to create knot-free timber (WeGrow GmbH 2022). The leaves are stated to be exceptionally large, necessitating a sheltered planting site.