Paulownia CAROLONIA®

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Owen Johnson (2022)

Recommended citation
Johnson, O. (2022), 'Paulownia CAROLONIA®' from the website Trees and Shrubs Online ( Accessed 2024-07-24.

A hybrid bred for forestry use, with a long straight stem when grown under appropriate conditions; general appearance like P. tomentosa, but flowers paler (Corbett, Jordan & Huo 1995).

USDA Hardiness Zone 6b

RHS Hardiness Rating H6

Paulownia CAROLONIA® was bred by Scot Corbett, Carl Jordan and Ying-Qiang Huo at Raleigh in the United States as (P. fortunei × tomentosa) × elongata; it was one of the first of the modern forestry hybrids of Paulownia to be offered in North America (patent filed 1995 and awarded 1999 (Hatch 2021–2022)), and was selected both for its straight growth and its hardiness, compared to other forms available at this time (Corbett, Jordan & Huo 1995). Curiously, the text of the patent application calls the clone ‘Carolinia’ – to commemorate its origin in North Carolina – but in an apparent misprint this word appears in the title as the meaningless ‘Carolonia’ – under which name the patent was awarded. It is presumably the same clone which Laurence Hatch (Hatch 2021–2022) states was sold more recently by the World Paulownia Institute as ‘Caroline’.

CAROLONIA® may no longer be commercially available (under any name), but the same three-way parentage is shared by two forestry clones which have recently been more widely planted, ‘PW 105’ and ‘T121’.