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var. roseum (Jacq.) Schneid.

Cistus roseus Jacq.
H. rhodanthum Dun.
H. appeninum var. rhodanthum (Dun.) Bean
H. rhodanthum var. carneum Dun

Flowers pink. Leaves green and almost glabrous above. Found wild in N.W. Italy (Liguria and Piemonte) and in the Balearic Islands. The garden variety called ‘Rhodanthe Carneum’ is a hybrid and not, as might be supposed from the synonym given above, a form of H. appeninum var. roseum.H. × sulphureum Willd. – Here belong hybrids between H. appeninum and H. nummularium, which occur quite commonly where the two species are in contact. Flowers pale yellow. Leaves narrow-lanceolate, green and stellate-hairy above. In gardens, hybrids between H. appeninum var. roseum and H. nummularium were in cultivation early in the 19th century, and of the plants figured by Sweet in his Cistineae two are considered to be of this parentage (t. 51 as H. canescens and t. 66 as H. cupreum).


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