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G semi-infera (C. B. Clarke) Airy Shaw

Diplycosia semi-infera C . B, Clarke

This species is closely allied to G. tetramera but differs consistently from it and from all other members of the section Leucothoïdes in having only five stamens to the flower instead of the usual ten. Other characters distinguishing it from G. tetramera are its taller stature (to about 6 ft high) and the more or less elliptic leaves. Native of the region from the Sikkim Himalaya eastward through N. Burma to S.W. China. It was given an Award of Merit when shown by N. G. Hadden of West Porlock, Somerset, in September 1950, and the figure in Bot. Mag., n.s., t. 197, is made from his plant.The date of introduction of G. semi-infera is uncertain, but Forrest probably sent seeds on more than one occasion and it was reintroduced from Bhutan in 1949.