Daphne × rossetii H.Correvon & Halda

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  • Daphne
  • Daphne laureola var. philippi × D. cneorum


  • 'Rossetii'

This daphne was found in the Pyrenees in 1927 by M. Rosset, nursery manager to Henri Correvon, who put it into commerce. Leaves narrowly oblanceolate, acute and often apiculate at the apex, narrowly wedge-shaped at the base, {5/8} to 1{1/8} in. long, densely set on the shoot, sessile to short stalked. The flowers, although rarely borne, have been observed in the nurseries both of Messrs Marchant and Messrs Hillier, and are small and greenish. It differs from D. laureola var. philippi in its smaller, relatively much narrower leaves and its more woody, pale brown stems (also, no doubt, in its flowers, but these have not been examined botanically).