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C (ladanifer × palhinhae)

Shortly after introducing C. palhinhae, Capt. Ingram crossed it with a particularly fine (but tender) blotched form of C. ladanifer found by him in S.W. Spain in 1936. From the original cross and later seedlings from it he raised ‘Paladin’ (Award of Merit 1946), ‘Pat’ (Award of Merit 1955), both with blotched flowers, and ‘Blanche’ (Award of Merit 1967), in which the flowers are unblotched. These hybrids, although rather tender, have the great merit of combining the beautiful flowers of C. ladanifer with a bushy and spreading habit of growth. This should render them more suitable for coastal gardens of the south and west than C. ladanifer and some of its other hybrids, which are inclined to become leggy, and to blow over in exposed positions.


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