Within the Cedrus deodara article...


This is an excellent example of the contradictory information that exists about certain, lesser grown cultivars. Auders & Spicer (2012) suggest is is ‘a bluish hardy cultivar’ while the American Conifer Society says it is ‘not of particularly unusual color, shape or texture’ (conifersociety.org). The Oregon Association of Nurseries’ Nursery Guide illustrates a bluish, exaggeratedly pendulous plant, but suggest it is only hardy through zones 7a–9b (nurseryguide.com), while Larry Hatch notes it is hardy down to –20 F (–28.8°C) which ought to easily put it into zone 6a, if not 5b (Hatch 2018–2020). Illustrations on the web suggest a strongly pyramidal, pendulous, glaucous plant, though not particularly elegant, resembling a crumpled witch’s hat!


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