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var. barbata (C. A. Mey.) Ledeb.

A. barbata C. A. Mey

Leaves oval or ovate, rounded at the base and either rounded or pointed at the apex, doubly toothed; 2 to 3{1/2} in. long, 1{1/2} to 2{1/2} in. wide; dark glossy green above, downy beneath, especially on the veins and midrib; veins in eight to ten pairs; stalks 1 to {3/4} in. long, downy. Native of the Caucasus and the mountains of Persia. It is distinguished from the type by the hairy shoots and leaves, and in the often pointed apex of the latter. It is represented at Kew by some small plants, the tree 30 ft by the lake, mentioned in previous editions, having died long ago.


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