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f. incisa (Willd.) Koehne

A. g. var. incisa Willd

Leaves small, usually less than 1 in. long, rounded or ovate in outline, deeply cut into broad, toothed lobes, or even right to the midrib. The plant once grown at Kew made a dwarf, compact bush and was probably of the clone distributed by Loddiges’ Hackney nurseries, and by Booth’s nurseries, Hamburg, Germany, as A. glutinosa oxyacanthifolia – the thorn-leaved alder. A form with similar leaves, but making a large shrub or small tree, has also been described and may represent a different clone. Elwes and Henry mentioned such a one at Barton, near Bury St Edmunds, 44 ft high and 2 ft 8 in. in girth.The name A. glutinosa incisa has also been used, wrongly, for the clone ‘Laciniata’ (q.v.).


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