Arundinaria variegata (Miq.) Makino


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  • Pleioblastus variegatus (Miq.) Nakai
  • Bambusa variegata Miq.
  • Arundinaria fortunei Rivière
  • Sasa variegata (Miq.) E. G. Camus


midveinCentral and principal vein in a leaf.


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Stems up to 312 ft high, very slender, the strongest only 18 in. diameter, the pipe up the centre very small; joints 1 to 6 in. apart; stem-sheaths persistent, hairy at the base. Leaves 2 to 712 in. long, 14 to 1 in. wide, rounded at the base, dark green copiously striped lengthwise with creamy white – sometimes it would be more correct to say ‘white striped with green’; hairy on both surfaces, especially beneath; both margins toothed; leaf-sheaths hairy when young; secondary nerves three to five both sides the midrib.

Native of Japan; cultivated by Van Houtte of Ghent before 1863. This is the prettiest white variegated hardy bamboo we have, giving a very bright effect from late summer up to Christmas. It is of tufted habit, but spreads rapidly, and is easily increased by division. It has not yet flowered in cultivation.


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